Release Date: Jul 28, 2012

Episode 56 Feminazicast

A 'cast wherein a guest is retained and we talk about gamestuff like crazy because that's the kind of stuff we do on this podcast, interrupt the natural flow and do different stuff. Off the top we talk about some lady whose name we cannot pronounce and her Kickstarter project. Then there's some Lollipop Chainsaw commentary followed by the realization that everyone is stereotyped and horribly characterized in video games. We also say "Yeah" a lot and then finish out the episode by rambling about a bunch of unrelated topics and then decide to stop embarassing ourselves.

Release Date: Jul 21, 2012

Episode 55 Giant Black Dong

A 'cast wherein we're keepin' up with things! The English are deemed liars and dongs, as are doctortypes. We ask how babby is formed, as it is an important question. The Antisocial Brigand is lookin' all like a heroin addict as he reminisces on the good old days when webcams had 1 pixel resolutions. We talk about food some more 'cause 'MERIKA! Movies are dumb and bad because of a FUCKING BEACH HORSE! We're having some fun for once and then Jacob and 3D movies happened, both of which are The Worst. But we all know that feel, bro...

Release Date: Jul 14, 2012

Episode 54 Momcast Part 2

A 'cast wherein a globetrotter continues to regale us with tales of their adventures in the land of the Incas.

Release Date: Jul 07, 2012

Episode 53 Momcast Part 1

A 'cast wherein a globetrotter regales us with tales of their adventures in the land of the Incas.