Release Date: April 28, 2012


A 'cast wherein old mixer is old. Navi proceeds to ruin everything, like Frolicon, which is a thing, so Navi ruins it as well. Cooking stuff is discussed and then a boatload of nuthin' goes on. Some Modern Warfare 3 and Kingdom of Loathing babble. Mike and Ashley went to Mankompton for Easter, which is in the past, now. There's an Ode to the Family Halverson. Internet things lead us to the end of existence.

Release Date: April 21, 2012

Grape Aerosmith

A 'cast wherein we still have a webspace and it has newish things. We learn lessons in Brown. Star Wars is hard, apparently. We are regaled with stories from Flower Duh. We discover that Playton Osbort is some kind of guy and reading is things. Then we go on a huge tangent about imaginary advertisements.

Release Date: April 14, 2012

Church Street

A 'cast wherein burritos are fusing with kabobs now, and that's pretty much the okayest. Exercising is fucking dumb and I hate it, and while we're at it, Apple can lick sack. Cars apparently break at tax time, because that's what the machines have programmed them to do. Dys4ia is a pretty cool girl, seh has penis and doesn't afraid of anything. Purchasing plastic saucer shaped object is harrowing and filled with harassment from missionaries or whatever. An old story is relayed and I have cancer.

Release Date: April 07, 2012


A 'cast wherein a new dude joins the coterie. We discuss that Geography is for assholes. Assholes like multiplayer gamers, who are The Worst. Republicans confuse further foreigners and Kirk Cameron is also The Worst. Santorum? More like San-bore-em! Am I right? Joseph Brony is brought up and is clearly a Sacha Baron Cohen conflabjeration. Facebook thinks that you don't have enough friends, even if you hate folks on the intertrons. We finish up with some college advice from the edge.